Five Essential Health Tips for Successful Skydiving in El Paso, TX

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Skydiving is many people’s ultimate bucket list item, but it can get dangerous quickly if you fail to take care of yourself. Your physical health contributes to the thrill and success of your jump, as you will not have the best memories if you sustain an injury or face a bad scare. Here are five tips to follow before you jump with us:

  • Get enough sleep: A good skydive depends on your being alert. If you are jumping tandem, you need to pay attention to your instructor, and if single, you must be prepared to make decisions and time the next step just right. This is nearly impossible if you are tired, hungover or have caught a bad cold. If you are facing fatigue for any reason, it is better to reschedule your jump.
  • Warm up before you jump: Skydiving in El Paso, TX is an athletic endeavor. Just as you would never jump into an intramural basketball game without a stretch and warm-up, you should avoid skipping that preparation for skydiving, too. Supple muscles make the jump and landing easier. If you are stiff, you risk injury or, at the very least, extreme discomfort.
  • Focus on fitness: Once you schedule your jump, do not neglect your time at the gym. Physical fitness is not required for skydiving, but it makes rough landings and adverse circumstances easier to handle. If you already keep an active schedule, maintain it. Waiting for your bucket list adventure does not excuse you from the gym. However, if you do not maintain a regular fitness habit, consider starting one, even if all you do is walk two miles a day. That is better than going into your jump without any fitness at all. Yoga and other gentle strength training also help you.
  • Prepare mentally: Your base instincts work against the notion of jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft. Fear is natural, and overcoming that is one of the most appealing elements of skydiving. Start a meditation habit and mentally prepare for the jump. Do not scare yourself further by reading horrible accident stories, and review what you learned—how to jump, fall and land, as well as any emergency preparation. Meditation also helps with breathing, which often requires concentration after you jump. Many people feel the compulsion to hold their breath. If you feel prepared, you are less likely to be overcome by lizard brain!
  • Schedule a doctor consultation: Before you make an appointment with us, see your doctor first. You need to be sure your body can handle the extremes associated with skydiving. This is especially necessary if you’ve faced a heart condition before or sometimes have breathing issues. If you have outstanding health issues, you need those cleared before you jump. Avoid the risk if there are any doubts.

Skydive El Paso offers tandem and single skydiving in El Paso, TX for beginning and advanced jumpers alike. Call us today to schedule the adventure of a lifetime!

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