Is Skydiving Dangerous?

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One of the first questions that arises in the minds of potential skydivers is simple: Is it safe to skydive? While no activity is free from the possibility of accidents, many people may be surprised to learn just how safe a parachute jump in El Paso, TX with properly trained professionals can be!

Analyzing and understanding the risks associated with skydiving and determining how to weigh them against your desire for a once-in-a-lifetime experience can help you decide if a parachute jump in El Paso, TX is right for you.

Understanding the risks

Scientists have developed a helpful system that can assist us in identifying the risks that are posed by certain activities. Micromorts, which were introduced at Stanford University in the 1970s, measure the risk of death by external factors that individuals face each and every day. One micromort equals one totally ordinary day of exposure to things such as traffic, air pollution and household accidents.

Activities are measured for their micromort content by determining how much risk they expose you to in comparison to your daily activities. In order to understand these risks, researchers take into account the number of times that an activity is engaged in, and deduce the micromort level by analyzing the number of deaths that occur while people are taking part in the activities in question.

Extreme sports, like skydiving, scuba diving and mountaineering, all carry elevated micromort measurements. Skydiving carries an estimated risk level of 10 micromorts, while scuba diving is roughly eight. Summiting Mt. Everest carries a measured risk of 12,000 micromorts! In comparison, a 60-mile motorcycle ride is measured 10 micromorts, as is having general anesthesia administered during surgery.

Alternatively put, if you take one jump each year, there is a one in 100,000 chance that you will die while skydiving. To put that number into context, Texans face a one in 7,820 chance of perishing in a car collision! If you want to go skydiving, there is no reason to let outdated misconceptions about the activity’s safety get in the way of your life-changing experience.

Choosing a skydiving company

Once you are confident in your understanding of the risk level associated with a parachute jump in El Paso, TX, you can begin the process of finding the skydiving provider that is right for you. Properly licensed facilities will help you determine the best way to approach your first jump.

Unless you have gone through necessary training and safety courses, you will be required to join a qualified professional on a tandem dive when you go parachute jumping in El Paso, TX. Tandem jumps with licensed skydiving professionals can provide even the most novice divers with an additional level of comfort and safety.

Skydive El Paso has been providing Texans and tourists alike with thrilling experiences since 1977. You can experience the delight of a parachute jump in El Paso, TX with ease and confidence. To learn more about our excellent safety record and schedule your first jump, call us today!

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