What to Know Before Your First Time Skydiving in El Paso, TX

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If it’s your first time skydiving in El Paso, TX, it is nearly impossible to describe the thrill! Rest assured this is nothing like anything you experienced before. There are general similarities between jumps that will help you prepare mentally for this challenge. Here are six things to know before you skydive for the first time:

  • You will likely jump tandem: First-time skydivers usually jump tandem with an instructor. This places emergency protocol and timing in the hands of a skydiving expert, so the beginner skydiver can focus on experiencing the sensation. Also, if fear kicks in, you do not have to worry about it overcoming common sense or interfering with the timing of the next step. You may face less fear since jumping tandem helps beginners feel more secure. When you know your safety is in the hands of someone with experience, it is easier to enjoy the jump.
  • Your instructor is certified: Everyone involved in your skydive from the airplane pilot to your tandem partner has done this before and received training in emergency protocol. No one takes a beginner in a tandem jump until they do the same with someone more experienced during their training.
  • Physical fitness is nice, but not required: Gravity does most of the work with skydiving, especially when jumping in tandem. There are weight limits, so see if you need to lose weight before you make an appointment. Also, taking up suppling exercise like yoga or swimming will make your jump easier and more enjoyable.
  • You will be scared: Even with all the reassurance in the world, we still have instincts that strongly communicate that jumping out of aircraft is bad. Many people describe the initial terror of seeing the Earth come closer at a fast speed and hope their instructor is on the ball with the parachute. Once it deploys and you start floating down, that is where the thrill starts, mainly because you realize you will be okay!
  • There is no conversation: Instruction time occurs before you get on the aircraft. Once it takes off, the engines are too loud to talk things over, and after you jump, the wind speed makes sound travel impossible. All those movies you see with fighting and screaming midair are not true. You will never hear your instructor—only the howl of airspeed at 100 mph.
  • Most people finish the jump: While you always have the option of staying on the aircraft and landing in a conventional way, even the individuals feeling the most fear still finish their jumps. Imagine your disappointment if you let fear take over, but also, let’s face it, you’ve already paid, so you might as well jump! Rest assured that we take all necessary precautions, and you are more likely to come out of this with a wild story than a life-changing injury.

Ready to experience your first time skydiving in El Paso, TX? Call Skydive El Paso and prepare for a new thrill!

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