How Fast Do You Fall When Skydiving in El Paso, TX?

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For some adrenaline junkies, skydiving represents the ultimate prize. You can freefall through the air faster than a speeding automobile, and land on the ground to tell about it.

You may be wondering, however, just how quickly you’re falling while skydiving in El Paso, TX. Like many other frequently asked questions related to parachute jumping, there are a number of factors that can play a role in the speed at which you fall when engaging in a dive.

Learning how different components can influence your jump can give you an extra boost of confidence when deciding whether you’re ready to take the leap. Here are several common questions and concerns that come up when people are determining if they want to go skydiving in El Paso, TX.

Just how fast will I go?

In a stable, belly-down position, you will typically be falling at speeds near 120 miles per hour. It is important to understand, however, that your speed when skydiving is determined by weight, the tightness of your jumpsuit, the positions that you take while diving and environmental factors, such as wind.

The more air drag that is placed on your body, the slower you will travel. For instance, looser jumpsuits generate more friction, and will typically result in lower speeds. Conversely, you can reduce your body’s air resistance by facing downward, with your head aiming toward the ground. Tight jumpsuits and proper positioning can result in speeds bordering 200 miles per hour!

Any attempts to alter the speed of your jump, however, should only be performed after receiving the proper training and certification.

How long will my dive last?

Skydiving in El Paso, TX will most typically involve up to 60 seconds of freefall, followed by five to seven minutes under the parachute. Weight, altitude and the equipment used can all play a role in the ultimate length of your dive, however.

While that may not seem like very long, it is important to understand that your perception of the passage of time will be completely altered once you are engaged in a jump. Your body will be undergoing a myriad of sensory experiences, and it may seem as though time has completely stopped while your body attempts to process all of these formerly foreign sensations.

What amount of time should I expect to spend at the skydiving center?

While the dive itself may only last for a few moments, skydiving in El Paso, TX should typically be viewed as an hours-long affair.

After you are checked in by staff, you will typically be briefed by a skydiving professional. After your briefing, the skydiving center team will monitor weather conditions and determine if it is safe to engage in a dive. You may also be expected to wait for other divers to finish their jumps prior to your flight taking off.

Most commonly, it takes between 10 and 15 minutes for skydiving planes to reach their targeted jumping altitude.

Skydive El Paso has been providing high-flying fun since 1977. To learn more about the packages and services offered by our talented team of professional skydivers, give us a call today!

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