Capture Your Skydiving Experience in El Paso, TX on Video and in Photos!

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Whether you are a new or seasoned skydiver, there is one thing that’ll always be true: skydiving is a seriously fun adventure that will stay in your memory bank for the rest of your life! And although you will remember the jump, you might want to commemorate it in a video or photos. But how are you going to document your jump without loosing focus or pulling your eyes away from the stunning view of the world as you drop through the sky? You leave it to the professionals! If you want pictures and video, make sure to jump with a company that offers filming services.

Here are a few good reasons to capture your skydiving experience in El Paso, TX on video and in pictures:

  • It’s fun to capture the adventure: Perhaps the greatest reason for wanting to film your semi-free fall back to earth, parachute deployment and everything in between is because, simply put, it’s fun to capture the adventure! You’ll forever have proof that you jumped from an airplane. Frame your favorite photographed moment, set it on a shelf at home and watch it become a popular conversation piece.
  • Share your experience with others: The jump is a memorable thing, so, like telling a story of your most recent vacation, you will be compelled to share your skydiving experience with friends and family. And although your sharing has a lot to do with the excitement that is built up inside you, there may be people you know who are unable to go skydiving for one reason or another. With a video and photos in hand, they can, in a way, go on a jump adventure of their own.
  • Relive the thrill: Jumping out of an airplane that’s flying thousands of feet above the ground is a serious adrenaline rush, and it only gets greater after you jump from the plane. Reliving your experience can bring back that thrill, that electric charge of excitement you felt from the jump to the landing. Having captured it all on film, you now have something to help you relive your adventure until you can skydive again.
  • Keep life-long memories: Today, more of us regularly document trips on our cell phones, never to print out pictures or transfer videos to a DVD. With jump filming services, you get the option of where to keep your memories. Keep them nearby for easy access for when you want to reflect back on the experience. There may be parts of your descent that were forgotten until you look at your memories in physical form.

Find a skydiving company that offers pictures and videos

It’s not safe to bring your smartphone with you on a jump, even if you don’t plan to film your skydiving experience in El Paso, TX. If you want film and photo documentation, leave the task to the professionals. At Skydive El Paso, we offer jump filming as an add-on service for a small additional fee. The film will document your entire experience, from the moment you jump out of the plane until you land on the ground. Call us anytime to book your jump!

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