Do You Have to Tandem Jump with a Skydiving Instructor in El Paso, TX?

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Skydiving is one of those activities that can make you cringe and feel excited at the same time. It’s truly an experience that you will remember for life, but you may have safety concerns at the forefront of your mind. This sport only turns dangerous when jumpers don’t adhere to the safety rules and are not properly trained. That is why drop zones require those who are new to skydiving to tandem jump with their experts. So, what exactly is a tandem jump, and why would someone choose this method of skydiving?

The tandem jump experience

A tandem jump is a popular way for beginners to make that first jump from a plane. They get a feel for the process while safety strapped to a skydiving instructor in El Paso, TX—you are basically a passenger who’s attached via a harness the entire time, from free fall to landing. When going tandem, only the instructor will wear a parachute, one that is big enough to support the weight of two people. And keep in mind that although a tandem jump looks similar to a normal jump, it’s not. Let’s check out some of the differences:

  • An experienced skydiver is cleared to leap from the plane on their own. This is not the case for tandem jumps. Since the inexperienced individual is strapped to an instructor, they must work their way toward the door together and fall out as one.
  • Solo skydivers have control over their own parachutes and will deploy it when the time is right. With tandem jumps, the instructor will throw out a large drogue chute, and out it will stay the entire free fall. The combined weight of instructor and student is greater than that of a single person, so the drogue is in place to slow the pair’s descent to the normal falling speed.
  • When it’s time to pull the parachute, either the instructor or the student pulls the cord, and they’ll brace to land together.

Looking at tandem jumping as a requirement

Does this mean you have to tandem skydive with your skydiving instructor in El Paso, TX? As a person new to jumping, you likely don’t have the experience, training and solid ability to solo jump just yet. Here are a few reasons why people choose to go tandem for their first jump:

  • Convenience: Jump training and lessons take hours, but tandem jump training takes only about 30 minutes, because the instructor will take full control of the jump.
  • Enjoy the experience: Since the instructor takes the lead, you won’t need to remember when to pull the parachute or any other steps in the process. This is your chance to take in the magnificent view before you, as well as above and below you.
  • Jump cost: Tandem jumps are for people who either want to eventually learn to solo jump or are simply interested in a one-time experience. If you are in the latter group, then tandem is probably the more affordable way to go when compared to static line jumping, accelerated free falling and others.

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