Which Type of Parachute Jump in El Paso, TX Should You Choose: Static Line, Tandem or Accelerated Free Fall?

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There’s a good chance that you know someone who has gone on a skydiving adventure or has placed skydiving on their bucket list. After all, skydiving is an exciting activity enjoyed all around the world by people of various ages. Those who jump describe the feeling as they exit the plane as freeing, exhilarating and peaceful, and once their feet are back on the ground, they cannot wait to jump again. However, if you are itching to jump but have never skydived before, you could experience mixed feelings about taking the leap. The good news is that you have multiple jump options!

Safety is the number one concern of all drop zones, no matter the jump method you set your sights on. So, which type of parachute jump in El Paso, TX should you choose? The following are the three main ways you can make your first skydive jump:

  • Static line: This type of jump allows you to leap from the aircraft on your own, while attached to the plane by a device called a static line. Though not a true free fall, you do fall away from the plane and the line will manually pull your main parachute. You may do a static line descent after three to six hours of ground training.
  • Tandem: Beginners fare well attached to an experienced tandem jump instructor via a dual harness. The instructor is responsible for everything, from the initial free fall to pulling the parachute to landing safely on the ground.
  • Accelerated free fall: Most folks find AFF an intense course, but worth it to free fall and land on their own. However, you are still learning, so you’ll be accompanied by at least two expert instructors guiding you by way of hand signals and likely radio communication.

Let’s look at the basic rules and regulations for jumping at Skydive El Paso:

  • Jumping alone or with an instructor: You are free to solo jump, as long as you have passed mandatory training that demonstrates your ability to jump alone, without an instructor. For newbies and those still in training, jumping tandem with one of our certified instructors is an absolute must.
  • Weight limits and age: Our equipment is weight-tested to ensure reliability and protect the safety of all jumpers and instructors. At our facility, the maximum weight limit for tandem jumps is 175 pounds per person, and 235 pounds for solo jumpers. In addition, you must be at least 18 years old (ID is required) to jump or take lessons.
  • Pictures and photographs: Skydivers are not permitted to bring cameras on jumps. But, for a small additional fee, we can professionally and safely document your adventure for you!

Even though skydiving may seem like one of the scariest activities in the world, rest assured that the experienced instructors at Skydive El Paso are the best in the business. Your first parachute jump in El Paso, TX will happen after we go over jump rules and safety, give thorough jump instructions, provide a lesson in skydiving equipment, answer every single one of your questions and only when you feel comfortable and ready. Call us today!

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