Learn to Face Your Fears by Jumping Out of a Plane!

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When it comes to facing your fears, there’s little doubt that going all in is more effective than taking baby steps. That is true in all parts of your life: in your love life, your family life, work life, school life—almost anything!

In this blog we’re going to make the case for why skydiving in El Paso, TX is an excellent form of immersion therapy for dealing with your anxiety in general, and especially for people who are afraid of heights to deal with their fear.

Skydiving provides perspective

The thing about life is that everything is more frightening on paper than it is in reality. Oftentimes, we are not even afraid of the things we think we are afraid of, but rather of the stories that we tell ourselves about the things we think we’re afraid of. You may not be able to picture it now, or perhaps picturing it now will frighten you, but when you’re staring through the doorway of a plane into the open sky knowing that you’re about to leave, either by yourself or in tandem, in reality it will not be more than you can handle.

Skydiving is a grand gesture

Skydiving in El Paso, TX is something that is frightening for most people, even people who are not afraid of heights. It sounds corny, but sometimes a grand gesture can make a big difference in a person’s life. Learning that you have what it takes to overcome the fear and basic unnaturalness of leaping from a plane at that height can give you confidence to overcome a variety of your fears.

Life needs beauty and excitement

Life is better when it is punctuated by moments of clarity and ecstasy. When leaping from a plane, the simultaneous bigness of the world beneath you and the smallness of you yourself is a feeling that is akin to seeing great art, but a thousand times more exciting. This type of intensity adds clarity to your life and also helps you appreciate the small, boring, banal things in your life.

Get yourself out of unhealthy cycles

Oftentimes the fear in our life is a manifestation of unhealthy cycles or thought processes that we’ve gotten ourselves accustomed to. Skydiving is the type of intense experience that can snap us out of these unhealthy cycles, which is why skydiving is a great way of overcoming not just the simple fear of heights, but also anxiety in general. Anxiety is often accompanied by a sense of apathy and a feeling of a lack of being effectual. Skydiving overcomes the apathy with intensity and overcomes ineffectuality with a rare and powerful experience.

Go skydiving in El Paso, TX!

If you’re looking for something new, come to Skydiving El Paso. We’ve got a ton of experience with skydiving, and no matter your skill level, we can help you comfortably and safely take the plunge. We promise you’ve never experienced anything like it. And we truly believe that skydiving can be the type of experience that can make your life better!

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