What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

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Working at a skydiving center in El Paso, TX, we are asked almost every day to describe what it feels like to skydive. But explaining to the uninitiated what it feels like to freefall at 120 miles per hour is a surprisingly difficult task. Trying to do so, we find that we often have to explain it in terms of something else. The thing is, skydiving is not at all like what you might think!

What skydiving physically feels like

People often guess that skydiving feels something like riding a roller coaster, that you feel your stomach climbing into your throat as you speed downward. But that’s not really how it is at all.

In fact, it’s more like being held up on the wind. Have you ever been in an intense storm and the wind was blowing so hard that you could almost lean against it and it would hold you up? Well, skydiving is actually a lot like that. Because you’re leaping from a plane that is already traveling very near the velocity at which you will fall when you step out of it, you don’t experience the intense falling feeling of the type that would bring your stomach into your throat. Instead, you smoothly feel like you are enveloped in the wind. You actually feel a cushion of air that you ride on.

What skydiving sounds like

As far as your other senses are concerned, you’ll notice how loud and intense the wind is. Imagine sticking your head out of the window of your car as you’re driving as fast as you can. That loud, beating wind would be very similar to the loud wind we experience on our skydiving adventures.

What skydiving looks like

Skydiving looks like you’re stepping out into thin air. Once the fall begins, and you settle in on your cushion of air, you see the earth gently rising up to meet you, and can see for miles around in every direction. The wind acts like white noise and increases your focus on your other senses, which can make your experience of the view more intense. The expanses of desert, trees and rocks––they are breathtaking sights.

What skydiving feels like emotionally

Skydiving often feels even more intense emotionally that it does physically, especially the first time. Just seeing the space outside of the airplane and then walking towards it, knowing that you are going to leap out into that space, which is just thin air––it is such an intense transcendence of common sense and everyday human experience. At the moment of jumping, you are so shot through with adrenaline that all of your defenses just fall away, and you become one with the moment. It’s hard to explain the feeling. But just believe us when we say that there’s no other thrill quite like it. If you’ve never skydived before, you really need to give it a shot.

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