What Is the Best Skydiving in Texas?

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We may be a bit biased, but we firmly believe that skydiving is one of the best activities one can experience in life. There’s nothing like freefalling from thousands of feet up in the air, feeling the wind on your face and seeing incredible views from the top of the world. But with so many places to skydive, where are the very best places to go? We say El Paso is your best bet! There are a number of advantages to skydiving in this part of Texas and a few reasons why you should choose to skydive with us instead of going to another skydiving school in El Paso, TX. Keep reading to learn more!

  • Great scenery: Besides conquering their fears, one of the top reasons people go skydiving is to get a fabulous view from above. There’s no better place in Texas for views than El Paso. During your dive, you’ll be able to see for hundreds of miles in all directions, and El Paso’s clear and sunny days ensure great visibility! You’ll be amazed at how beautiful southwest Texas is during your jump.
  • Perfect weather: It should go without saying that weather has everything to do with the quality of your skydiving experience. If it’s a crummy day, we won’t be able to do a jump! Rain and wind make skydiving dangerous and unenjoyable for everyone involved. With sunny days and warm weather throughout the year, El Paso is ideal for skydiving from January to December. So, regardless of when you jump, you’re almost guaranteed to have great weather and a great time.
  • We have affordable prices: While it’s obviously important, you don’t want to choose where to skydive based on views and weather alone. You also want to find a skydiving school in El Paso, TX with affordable prices. Skydiving can be expensive, but not at Skydive El Paso. At just $200, our rates for tandem jumps are some of the lowest in the area. And for only $40 more, you can have your jump videotaped to relive the adventure again and again. Give us a call today to learn more about our pricing and services!
  • Our experienced instructors ensure safety: Many people we meet are initially hesitant to skydive because of the perceived danger of the sport. But with the right staff members, it’s not dangerous at all! During your tandem jump, you’ll be attached to an instructor who will control every aspect of the jump until you’re back on solid ground. We also offer skydiving lessons for those who eventually want to jump on their own. After going through our classes, you’ll have all of the knowledge and experience you need to safely jump from an airplane!

There’s no better place to learn to skydive safely than Skydive El Paso. Whether this is your first time skydiving or you’re an old pro, be sure to try skydiving in El Paso, TX sometime soon. We’re closed on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, but after that, we’ll be open throughout the year to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

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