Why Your First Time Skydiving Needs to Be a Tandem Jump in El Paso, TX

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Skydiving is an absolute thrill, and if you’ve never done it before, your emotions are probably a mixture of nervousness and feeling ready to hit the skies. However, for your first time, it’s not going to be as simple as strapping on a parachute and jumping when ready. Most of the time, your first jump is going to be a tandem jump in El Paso, TX.

Tandem skydiving is when you are attached to a trained instructor who takes charge of the full skydive. In this type of dive, you are essentially a passenger. You’ll still get a brief training session to teach you the type of body position you should adopt while in the air and how else you can make the dive safer for both you and your instructor.

The main reasons tandem jumps are frequently used for first-timers include:

  • You don’t need a full day’s training before you go out and take your jump.
  • Some people believe it provides a better experience in that they’re able to soak in the views without having to think through all the procedures and parachute deployments.
  • Tandem skydiving once is often cheaper than a lot of the other diving options, so if you only plan to jump once as a bucket list item, this might be your most cost effective route.

All that being said, while most first-timers do opt to perform tandem jumps their first time out, this is not your only option.

Accelerated freefall (AFF) diving

AFF is often considered the best diving option for first-time jumpers who are dedicated to going it alone. If you wish to participate in an AFF dive, you must complete ground school before you head up into the sky and make your jump. This training session features a series of lessons over the course of most of a day in which you learn the basics of skydiving, the kind of equipment used in the process and the various situations you might face while in the sky. The idea is to give you as much information as you need to be fully safe and comfortable in the air.

You’ll still be supported by a pair of instructors during your dive to start off with, and you’ll need to complete a series of skydives in which you demonstrate certain skills, including your flying abilities in freefall and your parachute flight. However, after you have logged 25 jumps, you’ll be able to test for your license as a qualified skydiver, allowing you to jump without any supervision.

Static line and instructor-assisted deployment (IAD)

Another pair of methods, static line and IAD, allow you to skydive without pulling your own parachute. You’ll jump from a lower altitude, slowly working your way up as you progress and building some essential skills in the process. Here again, you’ll need to complete six to eight hours of training on the ground before taking to the skies, and after 25 jumps you are certified to jump without supervision.

For more information about tandem skydiving in El Paso, TX, contact the team at Skydive El Paso today.

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