How Does It Feel to Sky Dive in El Paso, TX?

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Whether you’ve been thinking about skydiving on a dare from one of your friends or you have this activity on your bucket list, you probably have quite a few worries about the experience. After all, skydiving does involve jumping out of a moving airplane thousands of feet in the air. The first thing you should know is that your concerns and fears about skydiving are perfectly normal—in fact, it would be odd if you weren’t a little bit anxious about skydiving! The other good news is that skydiving is one of the safest adventure activities you can participate in. By understanding a little bit more about what skydiving entails and what the actual experience will feel like, you can get your anxiety under control and focus on enjoying your dive.

To start with, you probably have a lot of ideas about what skydiving in El Paso, TX might feel like. Because it’s such a unique experience, it can be helpful to think about it in the context of things that you’ve already done, like riding on a roller coaster or falling down. However, you probably won’t feel those kinds of sensations when you go skydiving.

On a roller coaster, you are completely still just before the first major drop, which is why you get that feeling of having your stomach fall. That feeling happens because you are suddenly accelerating after being stationary. During a sky dive in El Paso, TX, you start from a moving position before you jump out of the airplane. You’ll already be moving at a speed of up to 80 miles per hour, which means your body won’t be shocked by the acceleration during the dive.

So, what will you actually feel when you skydive? To start with, you’ll probably feel nervous. Your anxiety is likely to increase as you get closer to the moment of truth—the actual jump. However, most people find that their fear completely fades away once they actually leave the plane. After you jump, you’ll experience all kinds of vibrant sights and sounds—so much so that you will experience a kind of sensory overload.

Once you’ve adjusted to your surroundings, you’ll feel more like you’re flying than falling. After several seconds, your parachute will open and you’ll start floating to the ground. For all of the anticipation involved, skydiving seems to go by in a flash. However, by the time you get to the ground, you’ll probably be feeling pretty incredible. Going on a successful dive can give you a feeling of invincibility and is certainly an experience to remember.

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